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Our brand, what represents

Our name, our philosophy

“The flexibility of our solutions
is reflected in the variety of industrial fields
in which they are applied.”

The word Limber® can be translated as flexibility, the capability of adaptation in shifting contexts, and as agility and readiness, the flair necessary to seize the moment and to make the appropriate choice within the appropriate time.

Our pictogram, our ideas in motion

"A whirlwind that generates
ideas, services, resulting
in dynamical agility
and flexibility."

Limber® is dynamism and energy, represented by the strength of colors, which are the change in motion: a whirlwind able to synthetize the opposites to return white light, to focus the ideas of the company to recharge its own agility.

Our colours, the rainbow

Extroversion and force of will directed towards the goals for which we work with passion. It is the color of whose run with the will to win, to lead the game as the key player with a strong, resolute and brave personality.

Inside harmony, creativity, self-trust and confidence in others. Vibrating optimistic liveliness that propose and allows setting and achieving ambitious goals, going beyond the obstacles and facing the problems with firmness a open mind.

Pure bright energy, directly connected to the inside light of intellect and knowledge. Color of intelligence and concentration, qualities necessary for the projects full success, thanks to creative imagination and fantasy.

Color of nature and potential energy, it represents the synthesis of BLUE and YELLOW, of stillness and the spring of action. It is the color of the necessary tension to produce an idea, constant and bondless thrust to impress and amaze, always doing ones best.

Balance and calm, color of order, universe, and pureness of water, the essential element of life. It represents the stability linked to strengthened experiences, but able to adapt to the new treasuring the certainties.

It is the color associated with the highest frequency and the shortest wavelength: union of the opposite RED and BLUE, it represents the synthesis, the capability to extrapolate the essential and empathically blend extreme differences.

limber group
Our services, our declinations

Offering maximum flexibility concentrated on various levels of your company within a trustworthy collaboration. Limber® GROUP was created to support your structural and operative needs.
To point your company in the right direction with the change towards more ambitious objectives. Limber® YAWER is dedicated to Organizational Development Management offering Business management strategies.
To lead your management system towards progressive improvements. Limber® NICKER offers tailor-made training with a line of educational services aimed at unlocking the potential of human resources.
Finding the right formation in order to achieve stability and set targets. Limber® WHEELER offers project management with dedicated services and intelligence aimed towards specific goals.
Because sometimes you need a little push you get to the finish line. Limber® THROTTLER is our line dedicated to integrated management systems services that include development and implementation of management systems.
Because we are able to tweak your system for maximum efficiency and performance. Limber® RELOADER improves the potential of your company via high-level Service logistics management systems.
System evaluation is the starting point for understanding how to make the system more competitive. Limber® CRADLER offers a series of support and services to the supply chain by way of solutions for development.

... together we embrance change

Our slogan, our way of being

"We are people
that understand and endorse change
to face together
everyday challenges."

Learning to be flexible and to adapt to change creates a competitive edge: so for us versatility is the first priority. The companies that do not adequate their structures to the actual needs risk extinction, awareness alone is insufficient for facing evolution dynamics. A radical cultural change, based on the individual forma mentis, is needed to rebuild the organizational attitude and culture of work. Only in this way “together we embrace change”, stopping to look at it from afar, but forging it in everyday life.

... together we embrace change


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