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Industrial & Field Applications


Limber® GROUP makes the difference thanks to our vast and established experience throughout all sector in which we operate. Our involvement in “market first” has allowed us to follow new dynamics, hastening the speed of change.
For this reason, we are one of the few, providing successful ideas within a market which at the moment is suffering from an identity crisis. We have finally overcome intermediation services. We have created a real Service Boutique for the Industrial and Field sector, facing new challenges in a global perspective and allowing us to deal with needs and responses.


"our flagship"

Taking part in projects of strategic value has been crucial for the consolidation of our professional skills. We collaborate with the major companies operating in the oil and gas sector, providing leading customized services. Oil and Gas Central, are our successful habitat where we fulfil leading upstream & downstream projects.
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Chemical & Petrochemical

"Transforming and refining is an art of few"

We have worked and supported the largest chemical and petrochemical plants that have marked the economic performance of emerging countries. To bet on eco- sustainable refining solutions for humankind; we have been engaging in the forefront to develop new technologies to reduce significantly the use of greenhouse gas. Adapting our form and flexibility within the environment is our duty.
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Energy & Power Generation

"Generating clean energy is now a need"

Our detailed knowledge of the Energy & Power Generation sector is recognized from both technical and the principal points of view of the main international practices. We support the top companies operating in the energy (nuclear, LNG and renewables) generation and distribution, as well as manufacturers who supply the related equipment. We give the best, rationalizing energy always.
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Infrastructures & Constructions

"The World is becoming structured"

Civil and process industry works have been the pitch for honing our knowledge and experience, overcoming step by step limits and difficulties. We have supported big market players by developing excellence, and are extremely proud of our successful results. We do not suffer from vertigo, altitude is a must for us.
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Automotive & Rail

“Transport and mobility is the next decade challenge”

The familiarity with which we move in these sectors is the result of successful experiences shared among the best in this field. For years, we have worked alongside designers and manufacturers to create new technology for road and rail which will allow us to progress further in the future. Speed and challenge are our hallmarks.
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... together we embrace change


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